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yifu[1]Avalon Asics CEO Yifu Guo. Photo: Avalon

Inside the Race to Build the World’s Fastest Bitcoin Miner

There’s more than one way to make money from the Bitcoin craze, which has seen the value of the digital currency increase more than six-fold over the past few months. You can do it the old-fashioned way: buying low and sellin...
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Prince of Sealand mentions interest in Bitcoin

I’m Prince Michael of the Principality of Sealand. Est. 1967 we’re the smallest Independent State in the world. Our tiny nation has seen confrontations with governments and I was kidnapped by armed terrorists. In 19...
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Has the Bubble Burst on Bitcoins?

Has the Bubble Burst on Bitcoins?

In their short span of existence, Bitcoins have definitely had an impact on the world of investing. Since their launch in 2009, bitcoins have gained value after online merchants began accepting them for payment. This led to web...
by Simi Afroza Mira

Bitcoin crash

The first bitcoin crash

Been watching Bitcoins in a low level mode for a while, it’s market structure always reminded me of Second Life (ie there is a scarce Good you can speculate on, but actually that Good can be massively increased at the fli...
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King Tut's golden burial mask

Why Bitcoins Are Just Like Gold by Alec Liu

Plenty of people still have a difficult time wrapping their heads around what bitcoin is or why it even has value, especially as the virtual cryptocurrency continues to scale record heights. How isn’t this a Ponzi scheme...
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Bitcoin ATM jee berwick

World first bitcoin ATM machine in Cyprus?

Jeff Berwick, founder of and CEO of TDV Media, announced Monday his plans to open the world’s first Bitcoin ATM in Cyprus, citing the ongoing bank bailout, bank closures and capital controls now being pushed ...
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Yifu Guo with an Avalon ASIC bitcoin miners at BitInstant's offices in New York

Engineering the Bitcoin Gold Rush: An Interview with Yifu Guo, Creator of the First ASIC-Based Miner

A month after it reached a new all-time high, the rollercoaster ride that is bitcoin continues to thrill and confound after a series of events helped propel the virtual currency to stratospheric new heights, more than doubling ...
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