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All about Bitcoins

All about Bitcoins

Bitcoins, for those who don’t know, are an unregulated form of digital currency that is not governed or ruled by any banking institution. It relies purely on P2P and cryptography for survival.  It used to be nothing more tha...
by Simi Afroza Mira

yifu[1]Avalon Asics CEO Yifu Guo. Photo: Avalon

Inside the Race to Build the World’s Fastest Bitcoin Miner

There’s more than one way to make money from the Bitcoin craze, which has seen the value of the digital currency increase more than six-fold over the past few months. You can do it the old-fashioned way: buying low and sellin...
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The Pirate Bay now accepting Bitcoin donations

The BitTorrent site has hitherto been funded by other methods such as banner advertising but, as the digital currency makes it far harder to trace funding, Bitcoins are a viable option for those who want to support the site ano...
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BFL Jalapeno first shipment

Butterfly Labs finally ship their first batch of Jalapenos

“Goodbye little jalapeños! Good luck on your voyage to your new homes!” a short status message on facebook page of Butterfly lab with a pictures of 9 Jalapeno’s boxes. 6 of them are closed and ready to ship, ...
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Bitcoin Binary Options – Another Way to Trade

Bitcoin gains currency in the digital world

Bitcoin, the anti-authoritarian crypto-currency, is still far from reaching mainstream acceptance, but is slowly attracting merchants and payment providers that may help validate it as a medium of exchange, especially when it c...
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Coinbase Links Bitcoin To Your Bank Account

Coinbase, the Bitcoin startup that aims to make Bitcoin as easy to use as PayPal, just took a big step closer to reaching their goal. Just launched is Coinbase’s “linked bank account” feature which provides an easy way fo...
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BFL Single SC -

Butterfly Labs Ships First Finished ASIC For Review

After nearly six months of delays, Butterfly Labs has finally released a copy of what appears to be the final version of one of their long-awaited ASIC mining products. Similarly to how Avalon first shipped a sample copy of the...
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