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Zimbabwe officially approves BitCoins as official national currency

Rumors have it from unidentified sources that Mr. Robert Mugabe approved the ground breaking move to BitCoin as his nations national currency. More details will be posted as details emerged shortly after the press conference th...
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Bitcoin ATM jee berwick

World first bitcoin ATM machine in Cyprus?

Jeff Berwick, founder of and CEO of TDV Media, announced Monday his plans to open the world’s first Bitcoin ATM in Cyprus, citing the ongoing bank bailout, bank closures and capital controls now being pushed ...
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Legendary VC Paul Graham Suspects Bitcoin Was Created by a Government

Paul Graham is best known for his work as an extremely successful venture capitalist, co-founding the New York City seed fund, Y Combinator. But, he’s surprised the Internet this week with a radical, if not well-structure...
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Avalon ASIC Miner New SMT line facility (11)

New Avalon Surface Mount Technology (SMT) line to double production

According to Avalon latest newsletter, a brand new Surface Mount Technology (SMT) line will be setup to double the current production capacity. This is scheduled to come on line by end of April. Avalon plans to start shipping t...
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Mt.Gox statement: We are victim of our own success!

Hi everyone, just a quick update on the situation and what happened last night. First of all we would like to reassure you but no we were not last night victim of a DDoS but instead victim of our own success! Indeed the rather ...
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bitcoin coin rich

Bitcoins: A GIANT BUBBLE? Maybe, but currency could still be worthwhile

The Bitcoin economy is a bubble and it’ll all end in tears. Bitcoin is the greatest thing since sliced bread and will change the world forever. What might surprise some of you is that there’s no contradiction betwee...
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Bitcoin by MtGox Mobile Reviews

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