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Bitcoin ATM jee berwick

World first bitcoin ATM machine in Cyprus?

Jeff Berwick, founder of and CEO of TDV Media, announced Monday his plans to open the world’s first Bitcoin ATM in Cyprus, citing the ongoing bank bailout, bank closures and capital controls now being pushed ...
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Using Bitcoins on the Murky Silk Road

Using Bitcoins on the Murky Silk Road

What do you do if you want your illegal substance of choice home delivered quickly and cheaply? With the digital age there are hidden nooks on the Internet that make it simpler and more anonymous to buy and sell drugs. The old ...
by Simi Afroza Mira



BitCoin Center Free

BitCoin Center Free Info updated Charts News Trades List Price: $ 0.00 Price: $ 0.00 More Bitcoin Products
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Bitcoin Hashrate Distribution

Bitcoin Market Capitalization hits $1 billion today

After 2 months, bitcoin price increases from $25 to $92 on 28th of March 2013 and makes Bitcoin Market Cap total of $1,001,691,445. Since the release of first ASIC bitcoin miner by Avalon, the difficulty also rises from 2.5mill...
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CoworkingSpace accepts bitcoin becomes first to accept Bitcoin for Office Space

Toronto based is now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for its office spaces. It can be used for anything from a shared deskspace to a self contained 4200 square foot office in their very cool loft-like o...
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brianlehrer-tv-interviews-erik-voorhees-and-marc-hochstein-about-bitcoin Interviews Erik Voorhees and Marc Hochstein about bitcoin

Since 37m: Finally, Bitcoin, and what the rise of the controversial cyber currency means for banks, government and the economy with guests, Marc Hochstein and Erik Voorhees. Hochstein is executive editor of American Banker maga...
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Bitcoin Binary Options – Another Way to Trade

Bitcoin gains currency in the digital world

Bitcoin, the anti-authoritarian crypto-currency, is still far from reaching mainstream acceptance, but is slowly attracting merchants and payment providers that may help validate it as a medium of exchange, especially when it c...
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