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Bitcoins: A GIANT BUBBLE? Maybe, but currency could still be worthwhile

The Bitcoin economy is a bubble and it’ll all end in tears. Bitcoin is the greatest thing since sliced bread and will change the world forever. What might surprise some of you is that there’s no contradiction betwee...
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Bitcoin: the digital currency and how to buy it Read more: Bitcoin: the digital currency and how to buy it

Bitcoin, the virtual currency, has hit the headlines with DDoS attacks, sky-rocketing value, panic-selling, and even bitcoin-bought pizzas. Update: After enjoying a sky-rocketing value last week, virtual currency Bitcoin has sl...
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Bitcoin’s History of Crushing Speculators

The rise of the Bitcoin has prompted unprecedented attention for the digital currency around the world. As exchange rates for Bitcoin have soared from below $10 as recently as last summer to well over $100 recently, entrepren...
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Bitcoin: Social Media Cyber Attacks on the Rise

In order to stay safe online, you need to use a little bit of common sense. The past couple of months has seen several major cyber-attacks on major social media sites and applications. Last month, for example, Skype was the vic...
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Four Reasons Bitcoin Is Worth Studying

Timothy B. Lee, Contributor of Forbes As Adam Ozimek points out Bitcoin has so far largely been greeted with eye-rolling by professional economists. One reason is that the cryptocurrency’s most enthusiastic advocates tend ...
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Are Bitcoins Killing Gold’s Price?

(Note: This article assumes some knowledge of the Cyprus Crisis, for more on that issue see my recent article here.) By now everyone has heard about Cyprus, Italy, and the EU’s continuing battle to hold itself together (...
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First Bitcoin ATM could go to Cyprus as price continues to rise

The emergence of Bitcoin as a mainstream currency continues apace, with the first “Bitcoin ATM” supposedly destined for — of all places — Cyprus. In the wake of the Cypriot financial crisis that emerged ...
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