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Bitcoin: Free Money or Fraud? (Decentralized Currency, Value, Mining)

Bitcoin: Free Money or Fraud? (Decentralized Currency, Value, Mining) In today’s digital society could people choose to not use traditional money? Could there be an all electronic currency without the backing of government? H...
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Trade Bitcoin through mtgox on Cortex7

Fraser Ashworth, developer of Cortex7, has announced several updates on his website about the development of Bitcoin functionality in Cortex7. It looks promising so far with BTC trading history and analysis. Features: Have rea...
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An insider’s opinion on the crazy Bitcoin market

by evoorhees from  This morning, a family member of mine asked me to write up my opinion of the Bitcoin price movement recently. For those who don’t know me, I’ve been heavily involved in Bitcoin ...
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Avalon Asic Miner

Avalon ASIC announcement 25th March 2013

Batch one have mostly finished shipping, aside from a small number of orders with incomplete/wrong address or phone numbers. We’ve been getting these orders back from our shipper and getting in touch with people to updat...
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Selling my Butterfly Labs Bitcoin Miner Mining Rig FPGA (not ASIC) 25 GH/s

Butterfly Labs Bitcoin Miner Mining Rig FPGA for sale on Ebay – Germany

nettejanette is selling his Butterfly Labs Bitcoin Miner Mining Rig FPGA (not ASIC) 25 GH/s (max. 32 GH/s) on eBay. Nettejanette said The best offer is at €20.000 at 2nd of April 2013. Here is the link:
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Bitcoin Wallet

How to create a 100% secure wallet

This is a how to guide by aiwk171 from Bitcointalk forum shared to show users to create a hacked-free Bitcoin wallet.   Why? So, in light of the recent Drama   and my general feeling that some people are unsure about...
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King Tut's golden burial mask

Why Bitcoins Are Just Like Gold by Alec Liu

Plenty of people still have a difficult time wrapping their heads around what bitcoin is or why it even has value, especially as the virtual cryptocurrency continues to scale record heights. How isn’t this a Ponzi scheme...
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