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Butterfly Labs Ships First Finished ASIC For Review

After nearly six months of delays, Butterfly Labs has finally released a copy of what appears to be the final version of one of their long-awaited ASIC mining products. Similarly to how Avalon first shipped a sample copy of the...
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BFL 5 GH/s Miner Demo Video

Butterfly labs released a demo video of their first working ASIC miner which mines at speed of 5+ GH/s and use about 36 W
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This Is A Game Changer – GX Mining Ltd Launch A 100 GH/s ASIC Bitcoin Miner (GX-100) – SCAM, beware

GX Mining Ltd is 100% SCAM. It is now confirmed. This post is for your information ONLY. GX Mining Ltd have just announced the launch of their GX-100, a 100 GH/s ASIC Bitcoin miner. The unit is extremely powerful, ultra compact...
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Bitcoins: A Word Of Caution

Many of you reading this have likely already read “Are Bitcoins Killing Gold’s Price?”. If not, you should do so, as it is a worthwhile read. I am here to give you a word of caution based on my knowledge and ...
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Selling my Butterfly Labs Bitcoin Miner Mining Rig FPGA (not ASIC) 25 GH/s

Butterfly Labs Bitcoin Miner Mining Rig FPGA for sale on Ebay – Germany

nettejanette is selling his Butterfly Labs Bitcoin Miner Mining Rig FPGA (not ASIC) 25 GH/s (max. 32 GH/s) on eBay. Nettejanette said The best offer is at €20.000 at 2nd of April 2013. Here is the link:
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