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First Bitcoin ATM could go to Cyprus as price continues to rise

The emergence of Bitcoin as a mainstream currency continues apace, with the first “Bitcoin ATM” supposedly destined for — of all places — Cyprus. In the wake of the Cypriot financial crisis that emerged ...
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Bitcoin's market price since last month Photograph:

Bitcoin currency value reaches record high of $147 before plunging down

Interest in digital coin system spikes dramatically after banking crisis in Cyprus, nearly tripling in value since last month The value of individual Bitcoins has hit a record high of almost $147 as interest in the cryptograp...
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sell your gold for bitcoins

Are Bitcoins Killing Gold’s Price?

(Note: This article assumes some knowledge of the Cyprus Crisis, for more on that issue see my recent article here.) By now everyone has heard about Cyprus, Italy, and the EU’s continuing battle to hold itself together (...
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Bitcoin’s Spectacular Rise from the Grave

Over the last couple of weeks the news has been focused on the financial crisis that has struck Cyprus and all but brought it to its knees. However, some people’s eyes have been drawn to a drama being played out silently. Aft...
by Simi Afroza Mira


How Bitcoin could destroy the state (and perhaps make me a bit of money)

Last time I was here (two weeks ago; how’ve you been?) I briefly mentioned Bitcoin, an emerging internet currency I didn’t understand at all but via which I had nonetheless made a bit of money (£57). Since then, I’ve bee...
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