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Why Gold is just as likely to Collapse as the Bitcoin

Why Gold is just as likely to Collapse as the Bitcoin

For the majority of its known existence, gold has been thought of as the most valuable form of currency in the world. Analysts and experts will go on and on about how gold is the only true currency. It may be wise to not listen...
by Simi Afroza Mira


Mining bitcoins takes power, but it isn’t an ‘environmental disaster’

Gimein notes that mining Bitcoins — performing computationally expensive calculations needed to define new Bitcoins — uses power. A lot of power. (Read our  2011 Bitcoin primer for more details.) He writes: About...
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Bitcoin Exchanges – Safety in Numbers?

Kill Your Currency: Why Bitcoins Are Revolutionary

How the digital currency represents our desire for independence. It is a recurring habit of technologists to create anticipation for things that we already have. The emergence of Bitcoin and its cryptocurrency counterparts in...
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Bitcoin Value Soars And Drops

The Real Significance of the Bitcoin Boom (and Bust)

The volatile rise and fall of Bitcoins has prompted lots of stories explaining why the online virtual currency is a classic bubble. Many compare it with Tulipmania in 17th Century Holland, where the prices of rare tulip bulbs...
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Super Mario Bros. explains what Bitcoin is in a short video

Artesian explains bitcoins that even a child can understand

Artesian from reddit wrote a great article explains bitcoins in a simple way that even a child can understand ======================...
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