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Java Applet Attack Wipes Out Bitcoin Accounts On Mt. Gox

The price of freedom, as they say, is eternal vigilance. A user called bitbully on the Bitcointalk Forums found himself 34 bitcoins poorer when he visited a site claiming to be a chat service connected with Mt. Gox, a popular...
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Mtgox confirmed Litecoin to be added to the orderbook

Hopefully by 20th of April, MtGox will support Litecoin exchange from their platform. This is the tweet by mtGox response to NerdSkillsNet question. ‏@MtGox    @NerdSkillsNet Hello, One would be LTC, but we hav...
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MtGox announcement on DDoS attack

TOKYO – JAPAN – April 04, 2013 Dear Mt.Gox users and Bitcoiners, It’s been an epic few days on Bitcoin, with prices going up as high as $142 per BTC. We all hope that this is just the beginning! However, there are...
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MtGox under DDoS attacks, Instawallet breach

BTC value on Mt Gox for the past six months. (Image: Bitcoin Charts, CC BY-SA 3.0) Summary: After seeing its value increase exponentially during the first quarter of 2013, Bitcoin’s growth spurt appears to be stumbling...
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mtgox office in Tokyo Japan

A visit to Mt. Gox, bitcoin exchange – Tokyo Japan

Mt. Gox is the largest bitcoin exchange in the world. Based in Tokyo, the exchange handles a substantial amount of the worlds’ bitcoin trade. Despite this, its offices are unassuming, located in a building on a quiet side str...
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