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All about Bitcoins

All about Bitcoins

Bitcoins, for those who don’t know, are an unregulated form of digital currency that is not governed or ruled by any banking institution. It relies purely on P2P and cryptography for survival.  It used to be nothing more tha...
by Simi Afroza Mira


Coinbase Links Bitcoin To Your Bank Account

Coinbase, the Bitcoin startup that aims to make Bitcoin as easy to use as PayPal, just took a big step closer to reaching their goal. Just launched is Coinbase’s “linked bank account” feature which provides an easy way fo...
by admin

Spain & Morocco - 18 - 28 June 2012

I lost $50,000 in Bitcoin crash, but I’m still a believer

At the start of the year, Simon Lang was about $1,000 in the hole on his initial Bitcoin investment. But as the price of the digital currency ballooned to an all-time high of $266 last week, Lang found himself $60,000 riche...
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IG Offers Clients the Opportunity to Deal on Bitcoin

LONDON, April 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – The UK’s leading CFD and spread betting provider* has started offering a limited risk binary on the popular digital currency, Bitcoin. IG, a world-leading CFD, spread betting an...
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bitcoin coin rich

Bitcoins: A GIANT BUBBLE? Maybe, but currency could still be worthwhile

The Bitcoin economy is a bubble and it’ll all end in tears. Bitcoin is the greatest thing since sliced bread and will change the world forever. What might surprise some of you is that there’s no contradiction betwee...
by admin